Tunes Available on the iPhone Ringtone Store!

(These are no longer available as ringtones: 8/19/15)

There are two new ringtones from Robison Productions available at the iPhone Ringtone Store! You can hear these and other examples of my music at my SoundCloud page. Most of these little compositions were done to “try” something: an interesting instrument I had lying around the studio, a new piece of software, a recording technique, etc. I’ve edited and remastered them for phone playback, and they work great for that purpose. More will be ready for release shortly.

The first of these, African Keys, was done with musical instruments given to me over the years by my wife, Carrie. It features an African thumb piano and a host of hand-held percussion.

Scratch Voices was produced almost entirely in Reason and features vocal samples provided by two of my nieces. The sampled voices sound a little like “scratching” to me: hence the title.